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Residents of South Carolina know they can trust SunLife Power LLC for all of their solar needs. We’ve helped thousands of families make the switch to solar energy and would love to help you, too.

At SunLife Power LLC, our goal is to make going solar easy and efficient. We strive to deliver quality service without headaches or hassles. When you choose us for your solar panel installation, you can look forward to a friendly, knowledgeable service.
Our skilled staff is always ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have to ensure that you have a great experience. You can trust that we will go above and beyond to ensure that you are satisfied with solar.

We believe that everyone in South Carolina and across the nation should have access to clean, affordable energy. If you’re ready to make the switch, we encourage you to give us a call.

Types of Solar Installations

At SunLife Power LLC, we specialize in residential solar installation. Read on to learn how you can benefit from this service.

Residential Solar

SunLife Power LLC is your number one choice for residential solar panel installation. Homeowners appreciate our commitment to providing clean energy, as we help you reduce your utility bills so you are less reliant on the electric company. Thanks to our extensive experience installing residential solar energy systems, you can trust you're getting professional service from start to finish. We focus solely on serving residential customers to ensure that homeowners receive the very best solar installation in South Carolina.

Home Battery

If you’re interested in home battery installation in South Carolina, you’re in luck! We also help our residential solar customers install home solar batteries in their homes. Solar batteries allow homeowners to collect and store their excess energy to use for later.

Why Go Solar in South Carolina?

There are many reasons why South Carolina residents should switch to solar energy, including:

Reduce your Electric Bills Every Month

When you decide to switch to solar energy, you can decrease your monthly power bill by a wide margin. With rising utility costs and unreliable billing, wouldn't it be nice to be able to save money every month? What's more, choosing SunLife Power LLC ensures that your energy rates are locked in, so you can look forward to consistent billing with no surprises. This is one of the main reasons South Carolina residents make the switch to solar.

Establish Energy Independence

Did you know that the United States relies on other nations for much of its energy needs? You can effectively break away from this trend and establish energy independence once and for all. Having the ability to produce your energy provides peace of mind and assurance for the future. You will have a sense of true liberation when you make the switch to solar and start providing your clean energy. And if the grid goes down for any reason, you will have the means to stay powered and keep your family safe.

Boost your Property Value

Investing in solar panels does more than providing you with clean energy. It's a great way to increase your property value in South Carolina while boosting your home equity. So not only will you enjoy freedom from the bonds of your electric company, but you'll be setting up your home to worth more.

Help Save the Planet

There's no question that solar energy is better for the planet. Not only does switching to solar power help reduce harmful CO2 emissions, but it helps keep you and the planet healthier in the long run. Every year that you use solar energy provides the same benefits as if you were to plant 150 new trees! That's nothing to sneeze at and is only further evidence that solar is the best way to go for a better future. To give you another example, if you switch to solar energy for the next 25 years, its benefits would be the same as driving 440,000 miles less than what you would usually drive. With so many great reasons to make the switch, don't you think it's time to get on board?

Why Hire Us to Install Your Solar Panel System?

We are South Carolina’s leading solar specialists, with experience and satisfied customers to back us up. When you choose SunLife Power LLC, you can trust that we will deliver quality service every step of the way. We pride ourselves in our dedication and commitment to providing every customer with top-notch performance and attention. Our solar experts will ensure that you have a seamless, simple, and straightforward transition to solar energy. You will save money, time, and frustration by letting us take care of your solar needs. Need more proof as to why you should choose us? Read on to learn more.

Simplified Process

We focus solely on residential solar installation. As such, we have solar installation down to a science. What's more, our expertise has allowed us to simplify the installation process into five easy steps. Our 5-step process ensures that your installation goes smoothly and without any hassles. We don't want you and your family to have to worry about anything. Just sit back and look forward to exceptional solar service from beginning to end. To start, we provide a complimentary benefits analysis. We'll explain what switching to solar will do for you. After installation is complete, we end with a final system inspection to ensure that everything is functioning optimally. We have designed our 5-step process to center on customer satisfaction. You can trust that you will receive the very best service in South Carolina every step of the way!

We Pay YOU

No, that's not a typo. We pay you to switch to solar! After your solar equipment is installed, SunLife Power LLC will pay your utilities for the first 12 months of service. Imagine the peace of mind of not having to pay your electric bill for a whole year. Choosing SunLife Power means incredible savings in more ways than one!

Locked-in Rates

When you rely on the electric company to provide your energy, you are subject to rate hikes and uncertain billing. That's why we guarantee locked-in rates at SunLife Power LLC. You can look forward to having the same rates for 20 years after installation! This means no more surprises on your electric bill and no more worrying. As such, you will find that you have a much easier time budgeting your expenses – for the next two decades!

Solar Energy in South Carolina

South Carolina has seen considerable economic growth in recent years. Manufacturing plants from Boeing’s likes have made South Carolina their home, helping to build and improve the state’s development. South Carolina is known for its strong agricultural sector, producing goods like cotton, rice, tobacco, and soy. There is also a significant investment in livestock, such as chickens and cattle.


These guys are as good as it gets in the solar world. The most thorough, updated, reliable people I have worked with in a long time.

Kevin S.

What really stuck out for me was how honest and upfront they were. Everything was so easy and the panels were on the roof in under a month!

Colin T.


FAQs about Solar Installations in SC

We want you to have the best understanding of solar energy. We encourage you to explore some of the most frequently asked questions about solar directly below for more information.

How much does solar panel installation typically cost in South Carolina? 

Your solar costs will vary depending on your panel system’s size and the kind of goals you’re expecting. On average, however, the price for residential solar installation is between $13,000 and $18,000 gross. It’s important to keep in mind that this is before any rebates or incentives.

Where do I purchase solar panels (do you help me order them)?

We will handle all of this for you. There are multiple solar panels currently available on the market. As such, we work with some of the most trusted manufacturing partners to ensure that our customers get only the highest quality solar panels.

Do I have to need to install a battery system along with solar installation? 

This is entirely optional, so you don’t need to have a battery system installed to benefit from solar power. Solar batteries simply let you store and use any excess energy instead of sending it back to the grid. Solar batteries are ideal for power outages and can help you avoid paying peak-time charges.

How much electricity can a rooftop solar system generate in South Carolina? 

Solar panels typically generate anywhere from 250 to 400 watts of power each.

How long does solar installation take? 

Here at SunLife Power LLC, we work hard to ensure that most solar panel installation jobs are completed in three days. Throughout your installation, we will keep you posted on how the job is going so you can know when to expect completion.