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We pay up to 12 months of your utility bill.

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Our Mount Pleasant customers know that they can count on SunLife Power LLC to help them save money through efficient solar energy. When you choose us for your solar needs, you’re getting experienced solar specialists who strive to deliver the best service around.

Our knowledgeable and friendly experts are here to assist in your solar transition so that you have an easy, hassle-free experience. We are also a certified SunRun partner, ensuring that all of our customers get quality service and stellar customer support.

At SunLife Power LLC, we believe everyone should have access to affordable clean energy. Let us help you switch to solar so you can start saving money while doing your part to make the world a better place.

Types of Solar Installations

Here at SunLife Power LLC, we are dedicated to residential solar installation in Mount Pleasant. To learn more about what our services can do for you and your family, continue reading the information provided below.

Residential Solar

SunLife Power LLC is your leading solar company for Mount Pleasant residential solar panel installation. Our customers know that they can expect clean, affordable energy when choosing us for their solar needs. Not only are we dedicated to providing the best service in Mount Pleasant, but also to help you lower your electricity costs. From the moment you contact SunLife Power, you're getting comprehensive service from start to finish. We make sure that you are treated to professional, efficient care throughout your solar experience.

Home Battery

If you’re interested in home battery installation in Mount Pleasant, you’re in luck! We also help our residential solar customers install home solar batteries in their homes. Solar batteries allow homeowners to collect and store their excess energy to use for later.

Why Go Solar in Mount Pleasant?

Mount Pleasant residents make the switch to solar for several reasons. Check below for more reasons why you should go solar.

Reduce your Electric Bills Every Month

When you switch to solar, you are effectively lowering your monthly electric bills. Unlike utility companies, you don't have to worry about your rates going up unexpectedly. Thanks to our guaranteed locked-in rates, you can look forward to paying the same rate for the next 20 years! With SunLife Power LLC as your solar provider, you can rest easy knowing that your rates will stray the same. The money you will save by switching to solar means that you can do more for your family and home.

Establish Energy Independence

The United States depends on other nations for much of its energy needs. Imagine the freedom you will have by getting away from these practices and making your own energy! By establishing energy independence, you will no longer be forced to be under the power companies' thumb. You will be in control of your energy usage thanks to the power of solar. Take the first step toward true independence by contacting SunLife Power today!

Boost your Property Value

As a Mount Pleasant resident, you want to do everything you can to boost your home's value. With solar power, you can do just that! By switching to solar, your home will have more equity and worth more than currently. Going solar is a great way to plan for the future. If you ever decide to sell, you can look forward to getting the most value from your home.

Help Save the Planet

Solar is lightyears safer compared to relying on the grid. By switching to solar, you will be helping the planet by effectively reducing damaging CO2 emissions. If you are serious about the health of our planet, going solar is a must. Did you know that using solar is equivalent to planting 150 trees every year? So give your family a safer environment by transitioning to clean solar power.

Why Hire Us to Install Your Solar Panel System?

We are Mount Pleasant’s most trusted solar installation company. As such, you can trust that you’ll receive the best solar service around. Here at SunLife Power LLC, we are dedicated to providing our customers with comprehensive service for an easy transition to solar. We work hard to make sure that your installation goes smoothly every step of the way. Our solar experts are committed to delivering a user-friendly experience and unrivaled customer satisfaction.

Simplified Process

Since we focus solely on residential solar installation, it has given us the experience needed to perfect the installation process. Over the years, we have crafted a 5-step installation process that is both comprehensive and convenient. This 5-step process provides starts with a complimentary benefits analysis. We show you why switching to solar is an excellent fit for your home and detail the advantages of producing your clean energy. Once our skilled installers have completed your installation, they finish with a final systems check to verify that you are up and running and ready to save on your energy use. We designed the 5-step process with you, the customer, in mind. As such, it ensures that customer satisfaction is at the center of everything we do.

We Pay YOU

You read that right. When you pick SunLife Power LLC for your solar needs, we pay you to switch to solar energy. After your solar installation is complete, SunLife Power pays for your electric bill for the first year! You will be able to enjoy even more savings, and you won't have to worry about paying your electric bill for 12 whole months!

Locked-in Rates

You've probably experienced fluctuating utility costs at some point. When you get your solar energy from SunLife Power, you get locked-in rates that are guaranteed to stay the same for the first 20 years. This will allow you to make wise budgeting decisions for the first two decades of solar service. With this peace of mind, you can save for other essential things in your life.

Mount Pleasant, SC

Mount Pleasant is a fast-growing suburban town that continues to be an attractive place to live for many people. At the turn of the 21st century, Mount Pleasant doubled its population in a single year.
This is evidence of its draw to families that want to settle down. As such, it’s all the more reason to invest in solar energy. You can start saving for the future today!


These guys are as good as it gets in the solar world. The most thorough, updated, reliable people I have worked with in a long time.

Kevin S.

What really stuck out for me was how honest and upfront they were. Everything was so easy and the panels were on the roof in under a month!

Colin T.


FAQs about Solar Installations in Mount Pleasant, SC

To learn more about solar energy and what you can expect from it, we encourage you to explore the most frequently asked questions directly below.

What are the net metering policies in South Carolina?

You earn credits when your solar system creates extra energy that you don’t need. Every year, you have the option of turning those credits in and getting paid by your electric company. As a Mount Pleasant resident, there is no cap on this program! As such, South Carolina’s net metering policy will pay you for your extra energy until June 2021.

How long does solar installation take? 

Our installers work hard to deliver solar energy quickly and efficiently. On average, you can count on us to have you up and running in about three days.

Where do I purchase solar panels (do you help me order them)?

When you choose SunLife Power LLC, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Our solar specialists work with the most trusted solar panel system companies to ensure that you receive only the best equipment.

What are the financing options (tax rebates) in South Carolina?

As a Mount Pleasant resident, you have two government rebates to consider. These are the Federal Tax Credit and the South Carolina State Tax Credit. Furthermore, there a couple of other options that you might want to consider.

In South Carolina, you have two electric providers that currently offer rebates to their customers who wish to install solar panels. Duke Energy is one of those providers and will pay you $1 for every watt of solar power that’s installed in your home.

This equals out to an average of $6,000. Santee Cooper offers its customers $1.30 for every watt of solar power installed in their homes. This can be as much as $5,200. If you are a customer with either of these power companies, they can assist you in paying for your solar installation through rebates.

As a resident of Mount Pleasant, net metering may benefit you, as well. This is offered by your local power companies and can help save you money by paying for your solar system over time. Loans may be another option that you want to consider, as they can help you cover the costs of installation.  

What types of properties are solar installation best for? 

While solar energy is an excellent option for Mount Pleasant residents, it’s also great for hospitals, schools, businesses, and more!