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If you live in North Charleston and want to do all you can to save money, you should consider switching to solar energy. Here at SunLife Power LLC, we pride ourselves on making solar easy for our customers.

When you let us handle your solar needs, you can look forward to professional, knowledgeable service. We work hard to provide clean solar energy to residents of North Charleston and beyond. Our solar experts are ready to assist you in making the switch. If you have any questions about solar energy and what it can do for you, we invite you to contact us. We will be happy to provide you with a free quote and any information you may need.

At SunLife Power LLC, our goal is to make solar energy accessible to as many people as possible. We believe solar is key to a better future. That’s why we’re so passionate about what we do!

Types of Solar Installations

Here at SunLife Power LLC, we are committed to residential solar installation in North Charleston. Please read on to find out what our experts can do for you.

Residential Solar

SunLife Power LLC is your top choice for North Charleston residential solar panel installation. Our customers appreciate our dedication to providing clean, affordable energy. We are committed to helping you lower your utility bills through solar power. From beginning to completion, you can look forward to specialized service every step of the way. Our comprehensive installation process ensures that everything is handled efficiently and professionally.

Home Battery

If you’re interested in home battery installation in North Charleston, you’re in luck! We also help our residential solar customers install home solar batteries in their homes. Solar batteries allow homeowners to collect and store their excess energy to use for later.

Why Go Solar in North Charleston, SC?

Our North Charleston residents switch to solar for a variety of reasons. Below are some of the most popular.

Reduce your Electric Bills Every Month

Switching to solar means lower monthly electric bills by a considerable amount. You know that utility companies can raise their rates, making your budgeting ventures uncertain at best. But with solar panels, you make your energy. What’s more, your energy rates are locked in when you choose SunLife Power LLC. That means there are no more surprises on your electric bill! You will be able to budget with assurance and peace of mind.

Establish Energy Independence

The United States relies heavily on other nations for its energy needs. Wouldn’t it be nice to break free from this trend and become independent? Thanks to solar energy, you can! You’ll be able to create your electricity and liberate yourself from rising utility costs. By establishing energy independence, you will feel a real sense of ownership and control over your future. Free from the grips of the grid, you will have newfound freedom while enjoying affordable, clean energy.

Boost your Property Value

Did you know that switching to solar is a great way to boost the value of your property? It's true. What's more, you'll have more equity in your home, as well. If you are a North Charleston resident looking to build toward the future, you owe it to yourself to invest in solar.

Help Save the Planet

There is no doubt that solar energy is safer for the planet. By switching to solar energy, you will be doing your part in reducing harmful CO2 emissions. This is essential in ensuring the health of our plant. Furthermore, going solar is equivalent to planting 150 trees every year! Imagine how much you will be doing for the planet by switching to solar power. As a North Charleston resident, you will enjoy a healthier environment for you and your family while enjoying lower monthly electricity expenses.

Why Hire Us to Install Your Solar Panel System?

As North Charleston’s leading solar experts, you can trust that you’re getting the very best solar service around. At SunLife Power LLC, we are committed to helping you transition to solar energy every step of the way. Our professional solar panel installers are highly-skilled and accomplished to ensure a seamless, hassle-free experience. By letting us provide for your solar energy needs, you can count on fast and efficient service that gets the job done right. For more reasons, you should choose us and read on to learn all about our quality solar service.

Simplified Process

Since our focus is on residential solar installation, it has allowed us to perfect the installation process. Over time, we have developed a comprehensive solar panel installation approach that completes the process in five easy steps. This 5-step process provides exceptional service from beginning to end. You and your family will have nothing to worry about as we complete your installation. To start, our team of specialists provides you with a complimentary benefits analysis. We show you how and why switching to solar is a great fit for your energy needs. After installation, we perform a complete final system inspection that verifies everything is operating optimally. Our 5-step process was designed with our customers in mind. We want you to have a memorable, hassle-free experience, and that's what you'll get.

We Pay YOU

That's right; when you choose SunLife Power LLC, we pay you to switch to solar. After the installation is complete, we will pay your electric bill for an entire year! Imagine the freedom you will feel not having to worry about paying for your electricity for the first 12 months of service. The savings that solar energy provides is both comprehensive and convenient. It's just another reason to let us handle your solar energy needs.

Locked-in Rates

You have likely experienced fluctuating energy costs from your utility companies. With solar energy from SunLife Power, you don't have to worry about such uncertainty. For the first 20 years of service, you are locked into a rate that never changes. This allows you to budget in confidence without fear of your rates changing. That's two decades of peace of mind and reliability from SunLife Power LLC.

North Charleston, SC

As the third-largest city in South Carolina, North Charleston continues to have a growing population and thriving commerce. It is one of South Carolina’s most industrious cities, too, topping the state in retail sales.
North Charleston is also home to some of the nation’s best schooling, making it a great place to raise a family. This is all the more reason to invest in solar energy now. You will effectively be planning for the future while saving money in the process.


These guys are as good as it gets in the solar world. The most thorough, updated, reliable people I have worked with in a long time.

Kevin S.

What really stuck out for me was how honest and upfront they were. Everything was so easy and the panels were on the roof in under a month!

Colin T.


FAQs about Solar Installations in North Charleston, SC

We want you to have the best understanding of solar energy. We encourage you to explore some of the most frequently asked questions about solar directly below for more information.

What are the financing options (tax rebates) in South Carolina?

You have access to two government rebates: the Federal Tax Credit and the South Carolina State Tax Credit. With that being said, you have a couple of other options to consider.

At present, two electric providers in South Carolina offer rebates for installing solar. For example, Duke Energy will pay you $1 for every watt of solar power installed in your home.

This comes out to about $6,000, on average. Santee Cooper also offers its customers $1.30 for every watt of solar power installed. This can be as high as $5,200. Therefore, if you are a customer with either of these two power companies, they will help you pay for your solar installation via rebates.

As a resident of North Charleston, you also have access to net metering through these power companies. This can help save you money in the long run, as it can pay for your solar system over time. If you need help paying for your solar system, you can always turn to loans for financing.  

How long does solar installation take? 

You can expect our expert installers to have you up and running in about three days. We strive to complete each job as quickly and efficiently as possible so you can start saving on your energy costs.

Where do I purchase solar panels (do you help me order them)?

SunLife Power LLC takes care of this for you. We work with the best solar panel manufacturers to ensure that you are outfitted with top-of-the-line solar equipment.

What types of properties are solar installation best for? 

Solar is a great option for residential use and for schools, businesses, hospitals, and much more. Solar energy is a viable option for nearly every type of property, as it ensures clean, affordable electricity.

Do I have to need to install a battery system along with solar installation? 

No, this is entirely optional. However, installing a battery will allow you the opportunity to store any unused electricity for later use.